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Ban Innovation Challenge 


Ban is a deodorant that was the original "roll on" which is when they use a ball to apply deodorant.  It was very popular in the late 20th century and the groups we're told it was a reliable brand. Back in 2000 KAO bought the right to Ban they are known for other products such as Biore Pore strips.  There current demographic market is women and they're sales have been a steady decline since 2010's. However they rebranded themselves for older women which is there primary audience at the time of this innovation. 


Case Study

A group of three people (including myself) had to collaborate and create a new marketing campaign for this brand.  The goal was to make "Roll on's cool again!" they mentioned that typically Ban was peoples first deodorant but ended up moving on to others because of the heavy competition. They wanted a marketing plan that would keep them going for years to come along with reenergize the brand. 

Judgment Criteria

  • Strength of idea (how engaging it was)

  • Quality of Execution 

  • Sustainability (would it bring in a steady stream of customers?)

  • Branding message (did it fit with the brand and what it stands for?)

  • X-Factor (did it make "Roll on's cool again"?


It was mentioned that they did not want it to be a rebranding challenge and that they wanted to do something that wouldn't be costly or have much over head. They specifically said not to change the shape of there deodorant and to not suggest new scents or things that would significantly change the already existent brand. ​

My role in this challenge was to create graphics, design research, swot analysis and working on reimaging what Ban deodorant could be. I was primarily working on the power point, mock ups and leading a supporting role in idea management. It was a good group I worked with and they have become good contacts and friends. It was an ideal team, We had Parker who was a marketing major, had an interest in the company then we had Lauren who was majoring in project management and had a background in marketing and myself who has had brand and user research background. 

For challenges I would say the lack of in person meeting along with Covid was our biggest set back. However it did give time practice independent work and deadline management. The out come is that we got second place, the biggest critique was we didn't go into a enough detail on our project. However our idea was very well received.

The Campaign 

Theme: Nostalgia



The brand is trusted






Security and Safety

Big Picture

The big picture Idea was to get people excited and play to the brands strengths of being compact and reliable. Our target audience we're specifically women age 18-34. Some strong points of ours we're it's affordability
and reliability 

Ban website presentation big pictture-01.png
Ban project journey website-01.png

Qualitative Research

The good

  • Stops Sweat

  • Affordable 

  • Trusted and Likeable Brand

  • Compact and good for Travel

The Ban

  • Sticky/ gross application

  • Ugly bottle color

  • Aluminum contents (which isn't natural)

  • Fragrance 

  • Bad/ unsuitable packaging 

  • Lack of product and brand awareness 

A huge problem seen within this is the lack of branding and how they market there deodorant. Although this isn't a branding challenge we did implement elements of branding and if you look at the bottom of the page you'll see some of the ideas I came up with.

Social Media Concepts

General Rebranding:

Higher order value: of safety and security 
Dynamic benefits: 
Portability, quality, and functionality of preventing sweat
Nostalgic Brand overtone. Trusted brand handed down from generations. 


Instagram Bio with a call to action in the bio and more call to actions in posts of where to buy
Social Media concepts

roller skate concept final.png

Mood Board

mood board.JPG

"For when it matters the most..."


This was chosen as our tagline, since they had mentioned that people use Ban when They need deodorant to work! If someone has an interview coming up they'll want a reliable deodorant so they don't sweat through there clothing. Reliability is a huge part of this campaign however, we also  touch upon it being passed down from generation to generation. 

when it matters the most.png

Mock ups and Concepts 

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