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What happened when...
Capstone Solution spring 2021


The short zine shares my experiences as someone who has had struggles with mental wellness in the past. The idea behind this was a herd mentality and that seeing a story about mental health struggles will open up the conversations that so many people have trouble talking about

This project was a semester long and was done independently with peer critique. 

Case Study

My design problem was “Educating college student’s on mental health issues and prevention of suicide”. This was a solo project where I spent the semester researching and exploring what could be done to help people dealing with suicide. The goal was to reduce suicide risk but also open the conversation to those with mental health struggles. I ended up having a mental health emergency during this project which drastically changed my direction. I ended up designing it for someone like me who was afraid to ask for help. Which is why it’s called “What Happened When I Asked for Help”. It was well received by peers and my reviewers. Many loved the personal story along with hand made art, however I see a lack of opportunity since I am continuing this narrative in my fine art thesis in the spring of 2023.

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