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Operation Give back

Collaborative Branding Project  
"Neighbors Helping Neighbors" 

Operation Give Back 

A nonprofit Educational and foodbank service in Blue Ash Ohio. They work with the "hidden poverty" giving them the right to an education with tutors along with a foodbank at least once a month. 

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Case Study

Conducted in the spring of 2021 operation give back gave my undergrad class the opportunity to do a rebranding of there business. This is because there brand wasn't as strong as it could of been according to the professor teaching the class. Individually we would make logo’s, concepts, and lock ups for them to examine. As a group we came up with brand guidelines, I came up with Watercolor shape guidelines and we turned it into a guide for the whole class to use for our final part which we’re our touch points. It was my first time working on a brand guide and I really enjoyed it. It really sparked my passion for branding and design. Although Operation Give Back did not use our brand guidelines, I was still very happy given this opportunity.


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Brand Guidelines

Touch Points

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