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Illustrative Patterns

As an artist I've always enjoyed illustrating and creating patterns. I think that a patterns are something we see in our everyday life, I think it's pretty cool to make them and how versatile they can be in the long run. It's great for all aspects of design my patterns are in my art, capstone, portfolio and part of my brand!

smart phone vocaloid mock up.png

Cute Vocaloid Phone Case

This is a phone case pattern I made in Procreate of some fictional idol characters I used to like as a teenager. 

pill sneaker mock up.png

Mental Health Pill Sneakers

This pattern was made by hand for my Graphic Design capstone solution. There is always the problem with being over medicated and I thought the shoes gave a nice street wear feel to them

Comic Flower Parasol 

This was made in Photoshop and was inspired by my Mourning you collection you can see in my Illustration page. I think it's interesting have a pattern like this on a parasol and this was entirely experimental. 

blue flower umbrella mock up.png
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