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Summer of 2022 Case Study Sam Hitchman 

This past summer I worked with a local artist who goes by Sam Hitchman. His art works are delicate, colorful and eye catching. Part of my role as his marketing/ brand manager was to begin with his online presence. I worked independently building a brand guide, creating touch points and writing SEO for his future Etsy Store. This was a 3 month long employment and in that time I had set up a brand guide, redesigned his website, created additional touch points and laid ground work for an online etsy store.

Where I started

The first thing I did was consult with Sam about his current needs and what he was expecting of me as a manger of his online platform. The first thing we discussed was what the goal was. Ours was fairly simple to begin groundwork for an Esty store and to get more involved with online presence. He did not raise concerns about his brand. However, I thought it would be a good thing to refine his brand.


The first thing I thought about was where people will interact with his brand, who are those people and how can we get them to go to the website?  I also set up a rough schedule of how/ when things would get done and in what order. Since it was primarily independent work, I had to make sure all major things got the most attention.

Branding Process

After my research I began to develop a brand identity for his company. Sam is masterful with his hands, it's my job to make sure that it shows to his audience. I really wanted to show his personality through the brand. so, we spent many hours talking about this process. It boiled down to "I'm a man who makes pots in the woods" so I decided to brand around that. His brand is a person who doesn't care what "City folk" think and that his products we're reliable, useful and beautiful.  You can see the brand guide with this link.

Website Design

Sam's website was on a third-party launching site. I switched him over to a new more affordable site. Although we did lose the memory of the old site, I was able to restore it meanwhile updating the design of the site to his specifications. Making sure to follow the brand guidelines and working within my own means. 

Touch points (Catalog)

Sam has a catalog where every year he shows his finest offerings along with new and exclusive wears. Sam’s catalog was used in all script font and did not work off a grid syestum so I updated it as one of his biggest touch points. I choose to re do it because I thought I could make it more accessible to the buyer. That way they would be more willing to buy his goods. You can see my version here.


I spent the better part of my summer writing SEO’s. I learned how to use Erank and how to figure out “Niches” in the market where people like Sam can get there foot in and be able to sell goods regularly. I wrote individual SEO for over 60 items over the course of a month and a half.

I also began developing what the store was going to look like and lists of what wears would do well and which ones wouldn’t based off my research.

I also wrote shipping lists, where I calculated cost, weight, dimensions and logistics of sending his work across the US.

To Finish Up

Unfortunately, the store didn’t get released since Sam was gone for the better part of 2 weeks and we did not have enough time to get him comfortable with his store. However, I do not think it was an appropriate time to launch the store considering his absence and the lack of time left in the employment.

Customer Touchpoint Map.jpg
brand guide v 2_Logo.png
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catalog v2 july 29 2022_Cover.png
catalog v2 july 29 2022_How to use.png
seo packet for selling on etsy_Store mock ups.png
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